Malaya Madmen 2019


The term “Malaya Madmen” was coined by Perry Cocke back in 2014 when George Bates held the “Malaya Madness” in Singapore.  The Tournament Director for our 2019 event is Will Fleming.

The Latest

2018Dec14 : Uploaded Tourney booklet version 2018Dec1401
2018Dec10 : We have the Scenario List and is now Open for Registration.
2018Aug25 : We are thinking about the t-shirt.

Asia Pacific Grofaz

2014 Singapore : Bates
2016 Manila : Knowles
2017 Siem Reap : Fleming
2019 Singapore : ?

Questions / Comments

Please contact us at malayamadmen [at] letterboxes [dot] org

Panel 1

SMC+MMC Competition Rules

All participants will be divided up into 4 (or more) groups before the Tournament.

The results in the first 4 rounds (ie Friday July 26 and Sat July 27) will determine the individual champ.

The results in these 4 rounds will also add up to Team results. Round 5 on Sunday will then be the round where Teams work collectively (thru adding up their individual win-loss in Round 5) to extend their lead or to make up for lost grounds.

This way we hope to promote camaraderie and folks who don’t do so well individually might still walk off with a Team championship.

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Dates, Venue, Registration & Sponsors

Dates & Venue

Friday July 26 to Sunday July 28 2019, Singapore

Three Step Registration

  1. Please email us at malaymadmen [at] letterboxes [dot] org and;
  2. Send USD60 (USD75 after May 1st 2019) via PayPal to weflemi [at] hotmail [dot] com or Will Fleming;
  3. Tell us if you want to order your Tourney Tshirt and send an additional USD20.  (Before May 1st 2019 only)

Official All Encompassing Tourney Booklet



  • Multi-man Publishing
  • Le Franc Tireur
  • Dispatches from the Bunker
  • Lone Canuck Publishing
  • BattleSchool
  • Friendly Fire
  • Mark Sockwell
  • Bounding Fire Productions
  • Broken Ground Design
  • Kansas City ASL

Photos of the Venue

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